Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Flying High - May 2017

Flying over Europe, a sudden shroud of calm and equilibrium spread across my entire skin- as if my being was a sponge. I adore flying. It resassitates my decaying veins.

I had an overwhelming urge to put this zen into words.

Flying high

As I look inside, knowing & seeing;
I ache & pine; a void in my being.
In this life, I stammer and mumble;
Trudging through, I falter and stumble.
Through strife or even a lack of fuss,
The sad veracity is so thus:

Inside my core - deficient of self worth;
As I walk & drudge, this baffling earth.

Yet amongst the clouds and sky so blue;
Nothing's wrong, there's nothing left to rue.
The glorious tall, sweet spot of flight,
A biting point, both flawless & right.
Only up high - at thousands of feet;
I finally feel: fully complete.