Thursday, 12 January 2017

12 January

Brain cataracts have been particularly troublesome the past couple of days. There are probably one or two particular causes for this, of which I will not diverge here.

When this happens in winter months, as now, the worst part is that I can't hide behind my sunglasses. Those glorious cheap H&M soul protectors of mine, shielding my raw self from the outside world. Conversely I do wear at least three snoods or scarves so can mummify my face as much as I can, it just steams up my glasses. First world problems.

Sometimes I wish I was the web browser chrome, and had an incognito mode I could switch on. And that's probably one of the most geekiest things I've written in a while.

It annoys me inherently that I am not some sort of robot or software. Why can't I just re-programme my brain and body to behave like it used to. Or go to Maplin and buy a new part to replace the crappo broken version. Other stores available.

Each trough seems more and more difficult to climb out of.

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