Wednesday, 4 January 2017

4th January

I hope the new UK EU ambassador's first task is to build the Ferrero rocher pyramid. That's surely what any self respecting ambassador for anything does.
Such is my interlinked thought pattern with retro television, if I ever see or hear the word ambassador I immediately think of gold foiled wrapped nobly edible balls. Child of the commercialist age. Late 80s can be summed up as a big giant ferrero Roche- gold and glamorous (trying to be) but actually a bit naff and will probably just get stuck in your teeth later on.

I spent 10 minutes discussing politics with the physiotherapist this evening before we both pretty much realised having knotted screaming muscles ironed out by tough thumbs was far less painful a process. Although nothing is as excruciating as trying to explain I.T solutions to your irate and confused father who thinks every computer is waging a personal vendetta against him.

Vendettas remind me of vienettas. I'm back to retro sweets again.

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