Wednesday, 18 January 2017

18th January - Hospital

Things I have learnt about A&E:

- It's one of the coldest places you can visit; not literally in terms of temperature, but in experience and feeling. Seats are pointy, hard and angular; textures are decidedly frosty. I admire the staff there for braving it. It is the antithesis of cosy.

- There are more office PC self-printed-from-Microsoft-Word-makeshift posters in polly pockets in A&E than anywhere else in the world. FACT.

- It's very faded, like someone has applied a rubbishy instagram filter onto the hospital.

- You can pretty much witness every flavour of human being from the entire spectrum of life pass through before your eyes whilst you wait; from old to young; from drunk down and outs to suited yuppies.

- Waiting for hours at A&E makes waiting hours at airports seem like a the greatest party you've ever been to.

- A&E & NHS staff in general, are heroes.

- Its a lonely and isolating experience, even though you can be surrounded by people.

- I can't think of another place where you will see so many people wearing entire outfits in one colour (either boiler suits or scrubs).

- No matter how awful it is waiting in A&E, no matter how much you're in tears the whole time, you always suffer from a form of immediate amnesia the second you leave the building and marvel at the fact the NHS is amazing.

- Life is cruel. Very very cruel.

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